Tesla’s latest electric car model to be unveiled on March 14th

Tesla has yet again made it to the headlines for declaring that it would reveal its new Model Y crossover SUV on the 14th of March at an event which will take place at car maker’s design studio based in Los Angeles. If reports are to be believed, the newfangled electric car would be Tesla’s fifth EV car model after its inception in 2003.

According to sources close to the development, the Model Y would share almost 75 percent features with Tesla’s Model 3, which is the most affordable car produced by the company at present.

Elon Musk, Chief Executive Officer, Tesla, stated that Model Y would be almost 10 percent larger, charge almost 10 percent higher, and would have somewhat lower range than the Model 3. Musk also said that the Falcon Wing doors which are a part of Tesla’s larger SUV, the Model X, won’t be present in the Model Y.

Musk also noted that details pertaining to pricing and specifications would be unveiled at the event, and test rides will also be offered, indicating that Tesla has in-store few finished pre-production prototypes. On Sunday, Musk stated that Tesla would introduce its electric pickup truck sometime later this year.

Reportedly, Tesla has only exhibited 1 teaser photograph of the Model Y so far, which is a basic black & white silhouette. But credible sources claim that it has been discussing about it for several years. Back in 2015, Musk used Twitter to reveal Model Y’s name, but deleted it soon after tweeting, cited sources.

According to sources familiar with the development, Tesla would manufacture Model Y at firm’s Gigafactory located outside Reno in Nevada and the car is predicted to enter bulk manufacturing in 2020. In due course of time, Tesla also plans to build Model Y at the Gigafactory based in Shanghai, China.