Gridsum, New H3C Group partner to develop digital enterprise solutions

Gridsum Holding Inc., a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and cloud-based big-data analytics based out of China, has announced that it has entered into a strategic technology partnership agreement with world-leading provider of digital solutions, New H3C Group.

Supposedly, the companies would be promoting theimplementation of integrated intelligent solutions in China. According to theterms of the agreement, Gridsumand New H3C would be leveraging their respective technological capabilities to developa platform together for the promotion of industrial transformation and enterprisedigitization.

The partnership is reportedly aimed at driving the digital economic development of China by allowing corporate customers to systematically lower costs, enhance efficiencies and improve the management of manufacturing processes.

Gridsum CEO, Mr. Guosheng Qi, was quoted saying that New H3C helps to boost innovation of digital solutions throughout several industries in China. By working with New H3C group, Gridsum has the opportunity to apply its cutting-edge technologies to the manufacturing process. Both the companies share a similar vision and philosophy for the future, he said, and they are confident this partnership will benefit China’s industrial transformation and digitization efforts tremendously.

For the uninitiated, Gridsum Holding Inc. provides AI solutions and cloud-based big data analysis for domestic as well as multinational enterprises and government agencies in China. The core technology of the company, the Gridsum Prophet: Enterprise AI Engine and the Gridsum Big Data Platform, has been developed on a distributed computing framework and is used to perform multi-dimensional correlation analysis on both unstructured and structured data, in real-time.

Apparently, owing to this technology the customers of Gridsum are able to identify complex relationships within data along with gaining new insights to assist them in making better business decisions.

New H3C Group is known as a leading digital solutions providers in China. It offers complete and one-stop digital platform solutions to be deployed in areas like Big Data, Edge Computing, Cloud Computing, Big Security, Big Interconnectivity, Big Surveillance, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.